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One of our sketches taking place

For the last 20 years, these and other sketches have been used in twelve different countries. They have been performed in very different settings, i.e. carol services,open-air services, school assemblies, children and youth services, cafe church, or printed in church magazines. (Further sketches of ours can be found on the website (www.dramatix.org.nz) The comments that people have made in their emails have been an enormous encouragement to us: some are printed below:-

“It gets to the heart of the matter, that the people God uses are weak, not strong, often frightened, not heroic” (Ireland)

“Your script gives it (Christmas) a new slant, which is very timely” (Australia)

“I think this is a really useful take on the way we have been overtaken by consumerism” (UK)

“I read a couple of scripts and your play stood out the most and seemed fun, yet easy to teach the children……...the true meaning of Easter” (UK)

“A refreshing change to some of the stuff one finds” (USA)

If you use any of the following sketches or others on the dramatix site please let us know by filling in our contact form.