Mission in the new family

Jesus’ family must not forget how to fish! At a theological college training ministers the following notice was displayed.

‘We are fishers of men not keepers of aquariums!’

Jesus built a team around him and nobody was excused from taking part in mission.

Jesus’ referred to His disciples as friends who shared his innermost thoughts and teaching (John 15:13-17). The sharing of His teaching and life is not to be kept to ourselves but to be shared.

On six occasions, it has been a joy to work with others in church planting. This form of mission not only releases the gifts of others but even when a church is not established the mission results have always been encouraging.

In 2 Timothy 1-2 Paul makes it clear as he passes on the baton to Timothy after 20 years of companionship and encouragement that he must also pass on what he has learned and experienced to others.

The mission outlet for these new teachers to pass on what they have been taught is through the planting of New Churches which releases giftings often not released in larger churches. Some of these churches planted are found in Revelation chapters 2-3.

The pages that follow contain some helpful Leadership points and drama sketches along with ‘The Family Course’.

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